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Master in Creation of Video Games

Barcelona, October 2015 - November 2016

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Interview with Daniel Sánchez Crespo, Director of the Master in the Creation of Video Games, in ReporterosCuatro.Rec


The main objective principal of this programme is to train participants in the conception, tools and methods necessary for the professional creation of video games from the following four perspectives: design, programming, art and project management.

The Master in the Creation of Video Games makes it possible for participants to deal with real projects, whether within the sphere of a game creation studio or in relationships with distributors.

The video game industry lately is one of the most active as regards production volume on the market, and most interesting in the field of audiovisual entertainment. In order to train new professionals, this master's course proposes two specialised areas corresponding to the business reality of the sector in our country. On the one hand, the speciality in programming covering technical aspects of the production of video games, graphic programming, Artificial Intelligence, logic, etc., and on the other, the speciality in art, covering everything related to art direction, the modelling of characters and stages, animation, sounds or interface design.

In order to carry out the training activities we have a group of lecturers with vast experience both as teachers and as professionals, with techniques facilities of a professional nature.

Potential candidates

The Master is aimed at graduates, engineers and higher diploma-holders with private university awards in degrees such as Computer Studies, Telecommunications, Audiovisual Communication, Graphic Design, etc. At those interested in the creation and production of video games, including professionals from other areas wishing to extend their knowledge in one of the fields currently generating most activity on the multimedia creation scene.

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