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Acquisition of knowledge

Internship allows participants to acquire the practical knowledge and abilities offered by the professional world which they wish to form part of, and at the same time to improve their curriculum vitae.

Professional experience

Participants have the opportunity of applying the reality of work to the theroetical knowledge acquired in the classroom, thus adding a new professional experience to their curriculum vitae.

Possible financial assistance

During practicals, participants may receive some financial compensation from the entity providing the internship as help towards their training.

Possibility of entering the world of employment

Participants have the opportunity to show the organisation their professional potential with a view to a future job offer.

"It's remarkable to see the creation of a network, the drive of collaboration between companies and institutions and the promotion of synergies which bring together diverse economic and business realities from a global perspective."
  Pere FàbregasDirector General
Fundació Gas Natural

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