First-class training

UPF-IDEC's profound understanding of the business world and its academic excellence together provide a rapid response of undeniable quality to the needs of professionals, companies and society in general. Participants in its programmes acquire the skills and knowledge required to face the challenges of the global economy, and also to grow as individuals capable of managing change. In its constant striving towards excellence and together with the main business schools and university foundations in Barcelona, UPF-IDEC has created the Association for Quality in Training, forQ.

An innovative model

In perfect harmony with companies and institutions, UPF-IDEC acts as a link between the worlds of business and education. The success of this link can be seen in the participation of the governing bodies of companies as well as in the permanent integration of professionals into its teaching staff, a balanced combination of University professors and the most prestigious members of the business world, and in the creation of tailor-made programmes.

A door to the world

Just as Barcelona is a cultural melting pot, UPF-IDEC also has a cosmopolitan spirit, with participants of over 50 nationalities and a teaching staff recruited from the extensive network which the UPF has always encouraged.

Since it was founded, UPF's international projection has opened its doors to Europe, America and the world. Its increasing presence beyond its borders has consolidated the UPF as a reference point in university circles. A large part of UPF-IDEC's foreign work is focused on Latin America and the Mediterranean, where it has established a solid network of collaborations and agreements with the most prestigious institutions and companies of those regions.

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